MS Series Steel Platform

MS series Steel Platform, guided by global high standard design idea, adopts the standard modular design concept, with fast delivery cycle, convenient transportation and installation, which can meet the requirements of the current construction and use of crushing and screening plant for installation cycle. With the help of finite element analysis technology, it has high overall reliability, less maintenance, and high safety standards, which fully meets the relevant international safety equipment. At the same time, the product design is standardized, there is no need to build a large area of concrete foundation, which is more in line with environmental requirements.

Product Features: standard modular combination, self-lining pressure-bearing raw material bin, high safety and environmental protection standard

Input Size: 0-1000mm
Capacity: 0-1200t/h
Applicable Material: granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartzite, pebble, iron ore, copper ore, mine waste, construction waste, etc.


High Design Standard

Accept SKS’s design standard, MS series Steel Platform also reference to large home and abroad and industrial standard, such as National Standard GB4053 and GB50017, International Standard ISO_14122, Australian Standard AS_1657, etc. in its process of product design, which greatly improves the safety performance of it, and ensures that the plant at home and abroad are installed conveniently, quickly, and run safely and stably.

Stable Main Steel Frame

The main steel frame, as the core stress part, not only considers the support installation of the main machine and the matching belt machine hopper, but also uses the international large-scale finite element analysis software for stress analysis and calculation. According to the working features of the main equipment, the steel structure is calculated and designed to ensure the structural stability of the product, avoid redundancy and excessive design, and ensure it be safety stable and reliable in the process of using .

Hommization Ladder Platform

The ladder platform of steel structure are the main working passage for operation and maintenance personnel, and safety should be put in the first place. In the process of ladder and platform design and selection, with reference to the safety standards of various countries, in addition to ensuring the strength, the safety assurance of the staff under various working conditions is also considered, such as the angle, height, width and step height of the ladder, the height and continuity of the handrail, the anti-skid and skirting board of the platform, etc.

Wear-resistant Bin & Hopper

The material is used to form the natural lining structure in the hopper, which can effectively reduce the wear of the contact surface between the hopper and the material, and reduce the later maintenance cost.

Fast Delivery, Transportation and Installation

MS series Steel Platform adopts standard modular and universal design concept, and all adopt bolt connection mode. In the production process, mass production is carried out according to the general module, with stable quality, high precision and short cycle; the main steel frame, ladder, platform and hopper are connected by bolts, which is convenient for transportation and quick installation.

Dust-proof Supporting

In the design process of MS series Steel Platform, the user's subsequent dust-proof supporting design is considered to reduce the dust in the process of operation and effectively reduce the input of the subsequent dust removal system; and the standard dust cover is specially designed as the dust removal optional component.

Paint Packaging

MS series Steel Platform adopts high-quality paint standard, through sand blasting, grinding, painting and other multiple spraying processes, to reduce product rust in long-term transportation and use process.

Working Principle


Product Parameters